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  • Seth Johnson

    Seth Johnson View Profile

  • Shawn Johnson

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  • Tommy Johnson

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  • Walter Johnson

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  • Zainab Johnson

    Zainab Johnson View Profile

    Career Bio Letting laughter carry her through the day, Zainab Johnson shares with audiences how interesting everyday life can be, especially when you turn the day’s drama into serious comic relief. Whether she’s performing on stage, writing a script, or acting on screen, Zainab is making people laugh with her own engaging style. Zainab began her career in entertainment as an...

  • Zo Johnson

    Zo Johnson View Profile

  • Carla Johnston

    Carla Johnston View Profile

  • Chris Johnston

    Chris Johnston View Profile

     Chris electrifies the stage with a charismatic delivery of opinions on everyday life and unique stories regarding his struggles of fitting in to society. He shares creative personal views of daily routines, thoughts and awkward moments that anyone can relate to. With a boyish charm and relaxed ability to interact with audiences, even edgy or controversial topics seem comforting and laugha...

  • Denny Johnston

    Denny Johnston View Profile

  • Dru Johnston

    Dru Johnston View Profile

     Dru Johnston is an actor, improvisor and writer based out of Brooklyn via Sammamish,Washington. Since moving to New York in 2007 he has studied improv under Joe Wengert, Doug Moe, Shannon O'Neill, Anthony King, Michael Delaney, Chris Gethard and Armando Diaz among others. At the UCB he's performed with the sketch show "Conversations with Deb" and is currently on the harold team San...

  • Gail johnston

    Gail johnston View Profile

  • Michal Johnston

    Michal Johnston View Profile

  • Michael Joiner

    Michael Joiner View Profile

    Michael Joiner is funny. Very funny.1st Place winner of the Hollywood Improv's "FUNNIEST COMIC IN L.A." 2008, and 2010 Christian Music Hall of Fame "COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR" nominee, Joiner has attracted wide praise for his routines that blend a sarcastic edginess with a devotion to clean humor. Joiner has headlined at The LA AREA Improvs, The Funny Bone, The Ice House and other c...

  • Impractical Jokerszzzzzz

    Impractical Jokerszzzzzz View Profile

  • Patrick Jolie

    Patrick Jolie View Profile

  • Danny Jolles

    Danny Jolles View Profile

  • Jennifer Jolly

    Jennifer Jolly View Profile

    Jennifer Jolly performs all over the country & can be seen regularly at all the top stand-up comedy clubs in Los Angeles, including The Comedy Store, The Improv, & Flappers.  She is a clever, busy little bee who has been working as a Producer & Creative Executive at the major studios, as well as some cool indie production companies.  Some of the projects she’s...

  • Jessica Jolly

    Jessica Jolly View Profile

  • Aly Jones

    Aly Jones View Profile

    Raised in Southern California and transplanted to Oakland, Aly Jones shares her misadventures and neuroses with strangers and hopes to get their approval in the form of laughter. She also knows an uncomfortable amount of information about Pokemon for a grown woman. As a child, her parents hoped she would grow up to be a doctor or the president, and you can see how that turned out. Aly has performe...

  • Bronston Jones

    Bronston Jones View Profile

     “Life’s short—I’m not.” Not just a pun for this 6’7” funnyman, that’s his motto, mantra and mission statement. It means “Don’t let life’s limitation limit you—tall or small, Live Big!” So after a five-year hiatus in advertising, Bronston is back at the mic doing what he loves most—saying something without ...

  • Caroline Jones

    Caroline Jones View Profile

    Caroline Jones is a NYC-based singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. Trained classically by Andy Anselmo, Founder of New York’s “The Singer’s Forum,” Caroline began singing opera arias, cabaret standards and show tunes at age nine. Under the management of Tommy Mottola and Chris Apostle, she began recording her original songs with producer Chris Toland at Sony and Avatar studios in New York a...

  • Carvin Jones

    Carvin Jones View Profile

    "Carvin Jones is a young cat out of Phoenix who I think is the next up-and-coming blues player"” - Eric Clapton "Carvin Jones is one of the brightest young stars on the blues scene today"- Albert Collins "The New King of Strings is Carvin Jones"- Buddy Miles ". . . one of the best blues guitarists in the world . . ."- London Surrey News

  • Clark Jones

    Clark Jones View Profile

    Clark Jones believes comedy is the most beautifully awkward way of telling the truth. A graduate of Atlanta's Morehouse College and a Cubs fan from Chicago's south side, he uses his diverse background to relate to any type of crowd. Jones is a comedy writer for the Chicago Tribune and credits a strong work ethic and desire to make people "literally laugh out loud" as the basis for his stand-up.

  • Clark Jones

    Clark Jones View Profile

    A Clark Jones performance is like a bag of M&M's. You never quite know the make-up when it starts, but its guaranteed to be plenty chocolatey, and even more nutty. Corny analogies aside, Clark is one of the nation's premier up-and-coming comedians. He hails from the south side of Chicago where he honed many of his comedic skills and "survival" wit. Growing up in a hilarious family, ...

  • Dale Jones

    Dale Jones View Profile

    With 20+ years in the making - Dale accentuates his machine gun style delivery with a healthy dose of animated faces and then combines that with quick improvisations and well placed physical comedy. Basically he leaves the audience wishing they had his energy. In fact, forget "high energy"-- this guy is just plain nuts. His shows are always a night you won't soon forget.  ...

  • Derek Jones

    Derek Jones View Profile

    Derek Jones is a Writer/Comedian hailing from the seaside town of East Haven, Connecticut, nestled in the bosom of the Long Island Sound. Upon graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia, Derek moved to Los Angeles with a dream in his heart and stars in his eyes. Starting as a Page at NBC, like famed television personalities Regis Philbin and Willard Scott before him, Derek quickly bega...

  • Doug Jones

    Doug Jones View Profile

  • James Jones

    James Jones View Profile

  • Jason Jones

    Jason Jones View Profile

  • Jenna Kim Jones

    Jenna Kim Jones View Profile

  • Judd Jones

    Judd Jones View Profile

  • Leslie Jones

    Leslie Jones View Profile

    Leslie Jones is one of the stars of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot for Sony Studios, opposite Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon – the film was released in theatres worldwide July 2016.  In 2014, Leslie was hired by SNL as a writer and quickly gained popularity after a memorable on-air appearance during the show's "Weekend Update" segment.  Jon...

  • Michael Jones

    Michael Jones View Profile

    Mike Jones is the newest and youngest comedian to come out of Huntington, Wv.(Big Accomplishment there!) His animated personality resembles that of a cartoon character and his shaky stage presences keeps audiences ENTHRALLED (5$word!!) as to whats next. Mike’s witty observations and off the wall views about everyday life keeps audience members rolling in laughter as he trifles through advert...

  • Mike Jones

    Mike Jones View Profile

  • Milton Jones

    Milton Jones View Profile

  • Orlando Jones

    Orlando Jones View Profile


  • Quincy Jones

    Quincy Jones View Profile

    Quincy Jones is a comedian originally from Seattle, now living in Los Angeles, CA.   Quincy not only loves comedy, but the hard work that goes into being a comedian. He once challenged himself to do 1000 shows in one year. Through that hard work and determination, Quincy has honed his voice, weaving together stories and everyday observations that cover everything from Subway cookies to poli...

  • Retha Jones

    Retha Jones View Profile

    Retha Jones, a native of Los Angeles, has been performing Stand up comedy for nearly 20 years. She began after she tried her hand in modeling and acting for 10 years. Shortly after her return from touring with America’s most successful black stage play, Shelly Garrett’s Beauty Shop, Retha’s decided to pursue a career in stand up comedy. She has since been literally tickling fu...

  • Shaun Jones

    Shaun Jones View Profile

  • Susan Jones

    Susan Jones View Profile

  • Tim Jones

    Tim Jones View Profile

  • Zack Jones

    Zack Jones View Profile

  • Brandan Jordan

    Brandan Jordan View Profile

    Brandan Jordan is one of the hottest comedians upcoming. Opening up for Toni Braxton and starting in the YouTube web series Ryan (A Webseries About Nothing) he is working to make his name known to everyone.

  • Dax Jordan

    Dax Jordan View Profile

     Dax Jordan is a renowned stand-up comedian, writer and actor hailing from Portland, Oregon. In addition to a handful of minor film and tv appearances, Dax has been a touring comic for over ten years. His comedy stems from his brilliant wit and impeccable timing, often called upon to write for others as well. His routine spans hilarious life observations to the wacky and clever shenanigans h...

  • Kevin Jordan

    Kevin Jordan View Profile

    A native of Queens, N.Y., KEVIN JORDAN moved to Los Angeles after graduation and joined the L. A. Police Department. After five years with the force, he gave it up to pursue comedy full-time when he realized…

  • Ronnie Jordan

    Ronnie Jordan View Profile

    From the very start, funny man Ronnie Jordan has proven that he's a comedy force to be reckoned with. After only one year on the comedy scene, the kid voted "Wittiest" in high school was crowned "Rookie of the Year" in 2001 by the famed Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta,Ga. As one of the countries hottest up and coming comedians, Ronnie is quickly making a name for himself as a comic's comic who has...

  • Bobby Joseph

    Bobby Joseph View Profile

  • Jeff Joseph

    Jeff Joseph View Profile

    Jeffrey Joseph is a New York City based standup who has performed on the Tonight Show, Comedy Central, ABC. NBC, CBS, HBO and the BBC. He's an EMMY nominated comedy writer and has hosted his own show on Fox. He's been a regular performer at The Improv, Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, UCB, The PIT as well as The Creek and the Cave. Jeff has appeared in dozens of national commercials.

  • Mickey Joseph

    Mickey Joseph View Profile

  • Rebecca Joseph

    Rebecca Joseph View Profile

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