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  • Daniel Franzese

    Daniel Franzese View Profile

    Daniel Franzese is a NewYorker in LA who pretends to be other people for a living in Film and TV like BULLY, Party Down, Kill Theory, I Spit On Your Grave and mostly known by teenage girls  for his role as Damian in Mean Girls and the YouTube Viral hit Shit Italian Moms Say with over 2 million views in 2 weeks.  He recently won the 2011 NY Fringe Festival Overall Excellence Award fo...

  • Drew Fraser

    Drew Fraser View Profile

    Drew Fraser begain his career in Boston, Massachusetts at the world's famous "Nick's Comedy Stop." He later moved to New York City where his career took off. His first television appearance was on "Showtime At The Apollo". Since then, Drew Fraser has been seen on Russell Simmons' "Def Comedy Jam", "BET Comic View" and has made performances all...

  • Jonathan Fraser

    Jonathan Fraser View Profile

  • Thomas Fraser

    Thomas Fraser View Profile

    Thomas Fraser (Comedian/Actor/Writer) - performs at The Comedy Store, The HaHa Cafe and The Laugh Factory. Current finalist in the NBC Universal Shorts Festival for the national short film Voicemail. And his podcast The 45 Minutes of Yes Podcast is on Itunes. He also host an open mic every other Wednesday at Palladinos in Tarzana (10 minutes from the 101 and 405 highway intersections). http:/...

  • Walt Frasier

    Walt Frasier View Profile

    Walt Frasier is a founding member of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, LMAO & Improv 4 Kids. 4000+ Improv shows as MC, pianist and/or player. Wlter also hosts and produces stand-up comedy at corporate events. TV - Blue Bloods (2012 Costar), Letterman (9 eps), MTV (Stankervission), NICK, WE, Commercials, Off Broadway and more

  • Brian Frazer

    Brian Frazer View Profile

  • Craig Frazier

    Craig Frazier View Profile

    Craig Frazier is one of the funniest comedians on tour. His one-of-a-kind humor has cracked up audiences all over the world and is currently on tour with comedian DL Hughley, one of the original Kings of Comedy. Craig began his comedy career at Howard University in Washington D.C. doing open mic nights. He competed in and won first place in the Miller Lite National Comedy Search beating ...

  • Steve Frech

    Steve Frech View Profile

  •  Fred for Nothing

    Fred for Nothing View Profile

  • Anthony Michael Frederick

    Anthony Michael Frederick View Profile

    Anthony Michael Frederick Anthony Michael Frederick Is an Actor, Writer & Comedian featured in over 40 Films, Television & Commercial productions as well as Professional Theatre. He was the winner of the 2010 Gulf South’s Funniest Comedian competition. He is member Screen Actors Guild where he serves on the Screen Actors Guild National Comedians Committee and is Actors Equity Assoc...

  • Jim Fredrick

    Jim Fredrick View Profile

    Jim Fredrick dabbled in comedy in the 90s before hanging it up to focus on his career in marketing and public relations. Unable to completely disengage from the stand up experience, he first put his energies into a fiction novel with a stand-up protagonist (A Cross to Bare, available on and, before returning to the stage in September of 2006. Within a few months, he ...

  • Stephanie Fredricks

    Stephanie Fredricks View Profile

  • Travon Free

    Travon Free View Profile

    Born and raised in Compton California, Travon Free is a comedian, actor, and writer who takes to the stage with a fearless edge. With his keen and sometimes odd observations, he is willing to not only step up to the line, but is also very willing to cross it to make his point. Not only will you find yourself laughing from his silliness and unapologetic, brutal honesty, he will also leave you think...

  • Cory Freeman

    Cory Freeman View Profile

    A 26 year old aspiring comedian and bartender living in downtown Nashville, TN.   I won the largest open mic night in Birmingham, AL Comedy Club Stardome history after going to jail 3 weeks prior. I figured if you have to get bailed out of jail by your dad that you automatically have to face your fears. I also had a showcase here at Zanie's in downtown Nashville. I have always taken a likin...

  • David Freeman

    David Freeman View Profile

  • Pattie Freeman

    Pattie Freeman View Profile

    Pattie is one of the Top Rated Female Stage hypnotist in the US. Voted #1 Entertainer of the year. Pattie is the Arizona State Fair Hypnotist for 2012. She is a Powerhouse entertainer. Her shows are high energy, Fast Pace, full of laughter. The shows are age oriented and filled with audience participation with updated music and skits. Pattieā€™s Comedy Hypnosis Shows is a SOLD OUT hit at Dave & B...

  • Jared Freid

    Jared Freid View Profile

    Jared Freid is a New York City based comedian. Originally from Needham, Massachusetts, Jared ventured away from the Boston suburb to rural Pennsylvania and attended Pennsylvania State University. While attending the school, Jared quickly became the "Tailgate Czar" of his fraternity. A passed down designation to run his house's weekly tailgate. It was at that position where he grew ...

  • Dan French

    Dan French View Profile

  • Zaak Fresh

    Zaak Fresh View Profile

  • The Fresh Drunk Stoned Tour

    The Fresh Drunk Stoned Tour View Profile

    The Fresh Drunk Stoned Comedy Tour has been selling out across the country. This triple headliner show featuring Franco Harris, Matt Bellak and Tim Hanlon brings you unapologetic, irreverent humor. In a showcase style performance, you will get three different perspectives and a night full of laughs. So kick back, relax, stay fresh, enjoy a drink and have a smoke!

  •  Friday Night Tights

    Friday Night Tights View Profile

    Friday Night Tights Los Angeles, CA / January 2011/ 4minutes UCLA Animation Synopsis: On a Friday night, one guys puts on his tights Director(s):Joonki Park Writer(s):Joonki Park Producer(s): Joonki Park Cast: Joonki Park,Zachary Lind  

  • Nate Fridson

    Nate Fridson View Profile

    Nate Fridson (Opens for Sklar Brothers, Survived Detroit): “Nate Fridson is a fast rising star out of the rich comedy scene of Detroit. Featuring well-crafted jokes and an inviting, accessible style, Nate’s act has been called ‘smart,’ ‘original,’ and, ‘better than it used to be’ by both peers and audiences alike. A caustic writer who ‘brings s...

  • Adam Friedland

    Adam Friedland View Profile

  • Judah Friedlander

    Judah Friedlander View Profile

    The World Champion Judah Friedlander On the comedy stage, Judah Friedlander is The World Champion. He is the best athlete in the world, greatest martial artist, the sexual desire of every woman, and a role model to children. Let’s face it, Judah is the greatest comedian in the world… And the most humble. Judah is an extra-dark blackbelt in karate. Judah is known to comics &...

  • Dana Friedman

    Dana Friedman View Profile

     Dana will make her debut at the world-famous Dangerfield's. Click here for tickets.   SIGN UP FOR DANA'S E-MAIL         Dana Friedman is, in all likelihood, New York's first Orthodox Jewish, transsexual comic. Her performances address a wide variety of topics, including many outside the very unusual norms of standup com...

  • Jena Friedman

    Jena Friedman View Profile

  • Jon Friedman

    Jon Friedman View Profile

     JON FRIEDMAN is a writer, comedian and producer living in Brooklyn and currently writing/blogging for [b]Late Night with Jimmy Fallon[/b] [] for which he won an Emmy. He is the creator/producer and host of the popular variety show,[b]The Rejection Show[/b] [], and many other unique live events, including The NYC Beard and Moustache Championships a...

  • Sam Friedman

    Sam Friedman View Profile

    A Jew from New York. Sam moved to LA to find himself doing stand up comedy. He performs all over the LA scene, including the Comedy Store and the Improv. Sam talks about his life and interactions with other people.

  • Family Friendly Comedy Show

    Family Friendly Comedy Show View Profile

    An interactive improv show for all ages! Each show is completely different and fun for the whole family.

  • Best Friends

    Best Friends View Profile

    Best Friends is a duo of best friends doing what they like to do best with each other...perform! They take best friend experiences and use them as inspiration for their very high spirited shows.  Cast Jerrell Curry Natalie Starnes

  • Just Friends

    Just Friends View Profile

    Opposites attract more often than opposites attack. This odd pair of straight/gay, religious/agnostic, local/foreign, sports-fan/pop-loving, plaid-wearing/fashion-daring and sun-burnt/sun-kissed boys will prove we can all get along, be besties, fall in love... or perhaps become Just Friends.

  • Don Friesen

    Don Friesen View Profile

    If you missed Don's hilarious Showtime one-hour Special, "Ask Your Mom," you've got to catch him Live!   Engaging, clever, and just flat-out funny, Don captures the irony of parenting, marriage and everyday absurdities through characters, voices, parodies and some of the best written routines around. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer says “Friesen will leave a lasting comic impre...

  • Stage Fright

    Stage Fright View Profile

    This October, Dallas Comedy House invites you to experience Stage Fright, a brand new sketch comedy show.  Tune in to a haunted television as this hilariously horrifying send-up of the Halloween season explodes off the screen and onto the stage.  Don’t touch that dial, because there’s no escaping this marathon of madness.   Stage Fright is written by and stars Ashley ...

  • Dan Frigolette

    Dan Frigolette View Profile

      Dan Frigolette seems to be infiltrating the industry in a unique way, by his own hand. A self-starter with a plethora of impressive resume bullets, Frigolette is slowly working his way into our hearts and televisions. Frigolette was recently featured in Time Out NY  garnishing the coveted "Joke of the Week" honors. His appearances across co...

  • Daniel Frigolette

    Daniel Frigolette View Profile

    DAN FRIGOLETTE seems to be infiltrating the industry in a unique way, by his own hand. A self-starter with a plethora of impressive resume bullets, Frigolette is slowly working his way into our hearts and televisions. Seen recently on *Bob and Tom*, *The Dr. Oz Show*, *The Wendy Williams Show* , *HBO's* *Boardwalk Empire, The Artie Lange Show, Totally Biased with W. Kamua Bell *and* Sex...

  • Paul Frisbie

    Paul Frisbie View Profile

    Paul Frisbie works out of Chicago, IL. He's a regular at clubs like Zanies', the Improv and the Funny Bone. He appears at casinos, colleges and corporate events all across the United States, and also works the cruise lines upon occasion. He has performed in all 50 states and in six foreign countries. Frisbie is a recurring guest on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show. It's believed that Fr...

  • Oleg Frisch

    Oleg Frisch View Profile

    Oleg Frish is a unique personality. He is a TV and Radio host, a singer, a journalist and a wonderful, sunny, positive man. Oleg was born in the former Soviet Union and during his childhood fell in love with the American music. In the USSR he hosted a psychic show, where he guessed what tunes the audience members were thinking of and then sang them. Obviously, to be able to perform on the show he ...

  • Kristen Frisk

    Kristen Frisk View Profile

    Kristen "Frisk" Christensen is a rising star in the Northern California comedy scene. Kristen moved 14 times by the time she was 14, all within Northern California. Needless to say she's used to being the new kid and knows how to alter her personality to fit any situation. Her parents divorced when she was 6 and she was raised by her single Mom until she remarried a Marine when Kristen was 12. ...

  • Curtiss Frisle

    Curtiss Frisle View Profile

    Curtiss is from Wisconsin, and came to Hollywood so he could play everyone's son in all the sketches on "ACME Saturday Night".

  • James Fritz

    James Fritz View Profile

    James Fritz’s comedy has been called “a seamless blend of humor, honesty and fearlessness” by the Chicago Tribune. Some internet magazine compared him to Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and George Jones once, but that's ridiculous. I mean that’s just crazy. He appeared in the 2009-2012 Chicago Just For Laughs festivals and The Fest in Gainesville, among others. His first ...

  •  Frog Island Comedy

    Frog Island Comedy View Profile

  • Phil from Chico

    Phil from Chico View Profile

     Comedian who hates writing bios. Loves cheese and whiskey.

  • wellRED From Dixie With Love

    wellRED From Dixie With Love View Profile

    Trae Crowder (The Liberal Redneck), Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester are stand-up comedy and drinking partners hailing from East Tennessee and North Georgia. The trio have spent the last three years touring nationally to sold out clubs and theaters as the wellRED comedy tour. Their comedy is about celebrating everything great about the South and telling stories from a place of lov...

  • Letters From My Ex

    Letters From My Ex View Profile

    Remember that letter you sent your ex? Well, we hit "save" on our emails and are pulling out our shoeboxes from under our beds in this hilarious look not at love- but what happens after. Featuring: Kevin Six Marianne Bennett Shawn Roop Courtney Flynn Ryan Payne & all those who belong to the lonely hearts club.

  • Notes from Neptune

    Notes from Neptune View Profile

  • Full Frontal Radio Show

    Full Frontal Radio Show View Profile

    Full Frontal is a program about music, pop-culture, TV and movies. Hosted by 1/2 of All Time Low - Singer Alex Gaskarth and Guitarist Jack Barakat.

  • Adam Frucci

    Adam Frucci View Profile

     Adam has been studying, performing and hanging around at the UCB Theatre since 2005. He's the founder and editor of Splitsider [], a website about comedy, as well as a freelance writer who has worked at/written for such places as Gizmodo, Dvice, Spin, Fast Company, Discover and others. For more scintillating information, check out his personal website []. Hometow...

  • John Frusciante

    John Frusciante View Profile

     John Frusciante is a writer, improviser, and director who has been at UCBT since 1999, and he is proud to serve as the theatre's Artistic Associate. As an improviser he has appeared in ASSSSCAT 3000 and on various Harold teams including Badman, where he currently plays. He is the writer for's weekly web series, "Up In Your Business". Previous writing credits include sketc...

  • Mark Fry

    Mark Fry View Profile

  • The Fryman

    The Fryman View Profile

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